Voice Based Control System to start Docker container using Python ..

Arvind Ramugade
2 min readSep 22, 2020

In Python we can have voice based control system using python modules such as pyaudio & speech_recognition.

Pyaudio library has a capability to connect with MIC using driver. We can not install pyaudio library using pip install command. Instead we can use Anaconda to use libraries as it has updated & stable libraries. The command to install pyaudio is conda install pyaudio.

Speech Recognition is a technology to convert speech into text. It need to interact with Google API & for this requires one more library which is speechrecognition.

we can install it using pip command as pip install speech recognition
We need to import this library using below command
import speech_recognition as sr

Here, library name consists of underscore between speech & recognition words.
Also sr is an alias which we can use to refer to long module names as in the above example sr stands for speech_recognition library.

We’ll develop a voice based control system using python. We can use it to start Docker container..

After listening to the voice Python program will launch following URL

URL to launch Docker Container

This URL will accept OS name as 1st input. Also, from the dropdown we can select one of the images to launch Docker container..

These inputs will be passed to another Python program which will launch Docker container within a second. We’ll get the confirmation as follows

Docker OS launched successfully

Thus , this is a very powerful program using which we can launch Docker container within a second…

Pls refer attached video for voice input..


We can also verify it on the system as follows

Docker OS launched successfully.



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